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Kazi KY84102 DF-17 Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missile | Speed Build

Today I'm unboxing and speed building Chinese Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missile Lego / Kazy KY84102 DF-17 Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missile building brick set.


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About Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missile

The DF17 is the newest projectile in the People's Liberation Army Rocket Force arsenal. The DF17 uses solid fuels and can be launched within 10 minutes of preparations.

The DF-17 has been touted as the “carrier killer”, which means it has the potential to take out an aircraft carrier in one hit.

Wiki Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missile

The Dongfeng-17 (simplified Chinese: 东风-17; traditional Chinese: 東風-17; pinyin: dōngfēng-17; lit. 'East Wind-17'), is a Chinese solid-fuelled road-mobile medium-range ballistic missile[2][1] that mounts the DF-ZF Hypersonic Glide Vehicle.[4] The DF-17's hypersonic armament gives China significant leverage over current conventional ABMs due to the glide vehicle's unpredictable trajectory.

The DF-17 along with the DF-ZF, was officially unveiled at the National Day military parade on 1 October 2019,[5] making this China's first operational hypersonic weapon systems and one of the world's first to be put in full initial operation.[6] Read more

Interesting Video About Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missile

Below are very informative and entertaining videos to discover more about this unit and it’s place in history. Please be aware that some of these videos may contain crude language and/or actual footage of warfare. This may be disturbing to sensitive viewers. We hope you enjoy!

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