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Sembo 101037 Air Bomber Ju- 88 WWII Plane | Speed Build

Today I'm unboxing and speed building German Plane Lego / SEMBO WW2 Plane 101037 Air Bomber Ju- 88 building brick set.


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About Air Bomber Ju- 88

The Air Bomber Ju- 88 is a bomber created by the German Luftwaffe during World War II.

These bombers were used for bombing raids on London, Warsaw, Moscow, and Coventry. They were also used for attacks on U.S. forces in North Africa and Italy. Today, there are around five restored Ju-88s left in the world with two of them being in museums.

Wiki Air Bomber Ju- 88

​The Junkers Ju 88 is a German World War II Luftwaffe twin-engined multirole combat aircraft. Junkers Aircraft and Motor Works (JFM) designed the plane in the mid-1930s as a so-called Schnellbomber ("fast bomber") that would be too fast for fighters of its era to intercept. It suffered from technical problems during its development and early operational periods but became one of the most versatile combat aircraft of the war. Like a number of other Luftwaffe bombers, it served as a bomber, dive bomber, night fighter, torpedo bomber, reconnaissance aircraft, heavy fighter and at the end of the war, as a flying bomb.[2] Despite a protracted development, it became one of the Luftwaffe's most important aircraft. The assembly line ran constantly from 1936 to 1945 and more than 15,000 Ju 88s were built in dozens of variants, more than any other twin-engine German aircraft of the period. Throughout production the basic structure of the aircraft remained unchanged.[3][4] Read more

Interesting Video About Air Bomber Ju- 88

Below are very informative and entertaining videos to discover more about this unit and it’s place in history. Please be aware that some of these videos may contain crude language and/or actual footage of warfare. This may be disturbing to sensitive viewers. We hope you enjoy!

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